Betpop Online Sportsbook

Take a look at these examples:

14 to 5 Payoffs on 2 team Parlays
6 to 1 Payoffs on 3 team Parlays
12 to 1 Payoffs on 4 team Parlays
Only 11/10 “Juice” on 3 team -10 point Teasers

Do discounts mean less service?
Absolutely not! Payoffs Plus+ has proven the opposite! They run a completely Full-Service sports book even though they offer substantial discounts.

Payoffs Plus+ has achieved this goal without sacrificing high quality service. This includes a competitive bonus package, same day payouts, a GREAT WEBSITE that includes ONLINE sports betting, horseracing, and an excellent Vegas style casino.

Their Management Team adheres to the belief that "an educated player is their best player". This refers to the savvy sports gambler who understands the value in saving "juice" on teasers and receiving higher payoffs on parlays.

We believe this too… that's why Payoffs Plus+ has held it's #3 spot on our prestigious list of World Class sportsbooks.

If you're a Teaser of Parlay player, and you don't give Payoffs Plus+ a real good look, you'll be missing out on one of the offshore sportsbook industry’s best kept secrets.

Current Promotions:

- Monday Night Football Contest
- Take the $500 Casino Challenge

- A 70% Signup Bonus Package
- A 10 Cent TRUE DIME LINE in Baseball "Best in the Industry"
- Highest Parlay Payoffs
- Lowest Teaser Juice of any sportsbook

Methods of Deposit:

PayOffsPlus offers a number of popular payment methods; please see below for details. Your account will be funded immediately so you can begin wagering right away. Or if you prefer, you can contact one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives toll free at 1-888-492-4377 who will be more than happy to assist you.

NETeller connects merchants & Internet Users by providing an immediate, secure and effective mechanism to transfer funds over the Internet. You can fund your NETeller account by using Visa, MasterCard, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), deposits from any Bank of America or Citibank branch or a check from your bank account.

Purchase products and services online without revealing your personal credit information. PrePaidATM gives you safe and secure access to your account and allows for easy transfers in seconds. You can fund your account with Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, electronic cheque, Bank Wire or Western Union via Quick Collect.

Yes! We accept Visa and MasterCard . Just use our friendly sign-up form and your account will be created and funded immediately on-line.

Bank Wire and Certified Bank Check
Just Call Customer Service or a Marketing Representative for instructions on how to send funds through a bank-to-bank wire or certified check.

Languages: English, Spanish

Intertaional Offerings: -

Casino: Yes

Minium Bet:

- Minimum wager via the Telephone is $25
- Minimum telephone wager on horses via telephone is $2, with a $10 minimum per ticket (call).
- Internet minimum for horse wagers is $2
- There is a $5 Minimum on Internet wagers.

Maxium Bet:

- Maximum Wager via the telephone is up to $20,000 on the side, and $10,000 on a total, depending on the event.
- Maximum bet on a futures event is up to $2,000 depending on event.

Overnight Lines : -

Other Highlights: -

Parlay & Teaser Payoff: -

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